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Mozart:The Man and the Artist
Kerst & Krehbiel

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was Archduke Maximilian, who afterward became Archbishop of
Cologne, and was the patron of Beethoven.  [The ambiguity of the
opening statement is probably due to carelessness in writing, or
Mozart's habit of using double negatives.  H.E.K.]) 


Mozart's Germanism is a matter of pride to the German people.  To
him "German" was no empty concept, as it was to the majority of
his contemporaries.  He is therefore honored as a champion of
German character and German art, worthy as such to stand beside
Richard Wagner.  Properly to appreciate his patriotism it is
necessary to hear in mind that in Mozart's day Germany was a
figment of the imagination, the French language, French manners
and Italian music being everywhere dominant.  Wagner, on the
contrary, was privileged to see the promise of the fulfillment of
his strivings in the light of the German victories of 1870-1871.
When the genius of Germany soared aloft she carried Wagner with
her; Wagner's days of glory in August, 1876, were conditioned by
the great war with France.  How insignificant must the patronage

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